Mundicash, a subsidiary of Asian Powers S.L., was founded in 2003 as a family owned business venture. What led to its foundation was the need for ethnic food under one roof and since then Mundicash has grown into being a leader in the ethnic market. The success of Mundicash is solely due to its "obsession" with providing customers the service that they well deserve. Mundicash continues to strive for delivering unparalleled service with a huge range of products at competitive prices.

What's in a name?

To us, a whole Philosophy. Our business philosophy lies in our name. As evident from the first part of the name "mundi" (A derivative of Latin word MUNDO meaning THE WORLD) is a Cash & Carry where one can find food products from any corner of the world.


To be the ethnic market leader by expanding our customer base and retaining them through long-term relationships.


We at Mundicash value our customers as the most treasured asset and deem to achieve sustainable growth and stand above the competition by providing our customers with quality products, exceptional services and unparalleled product range.

Our Core Values

  • We care about people. Our customers, our suppliers, our employees and our stakeholders.
  • We take responsibility to ensure that the products we deliver to our valued customers fulfill the highest quality standards.
  • We are committed to provide our customers with exceptionally wide range of products representing all continents of the world.